The SM2 automatic movement took Speake-Marin a few years to complete and will find its way into other watches - including most of the Piccadilly case timepieces. The movement is totally unique, and highly decorated - including the pieces you don't even seen. Speake-Marin spares no expense, and cuts no corners time-wise when making and finishing the SM2 movement (with a price to match of course). The SM2 beats at 21,600 v/h (vibrations per hour) and has a power reserve of 72 hours. The plates and bridges are in German silver, and it has an Incabloc shock protection system. For now, the automatic movement indicates the seconds, minutes, and hours - but I can see Speake-Marin building on to the movement in the future to add more complications. Often times the development of an in-house calibre is done to leave room for modules (for other complications) to be built on the movement, etc... The watch made to showcase the new SM2 movement is the Speake-Marin Marin 1. I believe that Mr. Speake-Marin told me that it will have a variety of dial customization options available to customers who are interested. So you can see this skeletonized dial concept meant to showcase the flexibility of the design - which is known at the Marin 1 Mark II watch. The beautiful standard dial is a two-piece enamel dial that is pristine in appearance. I recall the dial from a previous watch - the 1in20 model. Not only it is ultra legible and attractive (something Speake-Marin is always good at), but the precision of the numerals and markers in the enamel is very impressive. The sapphire crystal is AR coated for a very clear view of the face. You have traditional looking Speake-Marin hands in blued steel, here with SuperLumiNova luminant applied on them. Speake-Marin is likely best known for his iconic Piccadilly watch case - which he is a bit larger and continues to mature gracefully. It is a great looking design. The larger size is 42mm wide - which i think is finally a good size for western wrists. Previous sizes down to 38mm wide sometimes made the watch look a bit petite. At 14.5mm high, the watch is tall, but not too tall. While it is hard to tell, the Marin 1 watch is in a titanium case. It is hard to tell because the grade 5 titanium is so well polished. Who would have thought 10 years ago or so that titanium could be polished up as nicely? The bezel design and those crowns never get old feeling to me. While I don't think the Marin 1 is going to be a limited edition,fake rolex watches, the watches will be individually numbered and not exactly made in high numbers. I am not totally sure about the price right now, but I will update the post with it when I get it. With a charismatic personality and lots of apparent talent, Peter Speake-Marin should do his new SM2 movement and Marin 1 justice as he continues to get watch lovers excited about his creations. For those who are looking for a beautiful, well-made watch from an indy brand that is connected to a strong personality - the Marin 1 or other Speake Marin watches aren't a bad choice at all. Replica Handbags
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Our Products
Core Product Lines  


From Lubricants and Oils, to Fuel Stabilizers, to Fix-A-Flat, to water-less wash & waxes, Four Star Chemical is a Tier 1 supplier to the Motorcycle industry and Private Labels to many of the Major Car companies.  This is one of the most complete and diversified Automotive chemical lines in the industry.


From Foam & Fabric to High Heat to Arts and Crafts and Child Safe glues, Four Star Private Labels for Fortune 500 brands and is a major supplier to the OEM furniture and automotive sectors.  In fact, many of the major brands buy from Four Star as we are considered one of the highest performing adhesive manufactures are the low cost producer in the Western US.

Coatings & Sealers:

From the Hardware and DIY retail sector to the Big Boxes and from the Concrete channel to the Landscapers, Four Star's aerosol and bulk solvent and water-based coating and sealer line is second to none.  Four Star is outside the commodity paint channel and caters to unique and high performing products that are sold under major brands nationwide.

Specialty & Janitorial:

Four Star has a very complete Specialty and Jan/San line and operates an EPA registered facility.  From EPA registered disinfectants to water-based glass and stainless steel cleaners, Four Star separates it's line from the standard jan/san products by mandating a very green product profile with like performance.  These lines are widely Private Labeled throughout the US.

Shoe Care & Fabric:

From silanes to siloxanes and from fuoropolyols to PTFE, our solvent and water-based Shoe Care and Fabric protection line is very complete and distributed under a variety of brands nationwide.


From caustic soda to aerosolized PVC Cement and from Drain Line Maintainers to Corrosion Converters, Four Star's Betterbilt brand has one of the most complete plumbing lines available for Private Label.  Also, as the low cost producer of Sulfuric Acid based products in the Western US, our Drain Care line is widely distributed in the Western US. 

Personal Care:

From Self Tanners to Shaving Cream and from Hair Dye to Oxygen Facials, Four Star has dedicated lines for running sensitive Personal Care products and has a diverse portfolio of in house formulas.


From metered Air Fresheners to Insecticides and from Fire Extinguishers to Rubberized Clear Coats, Four Star's depth of intellectual property is truly amazing.  With a formulary portfolio in excess of 40,000, if we don't have what you are looking for our combined 100 years of R&D experience and intimate connections with major raw material suppliers we will provide you our full capability and bring your project to market on time and on budget, this is what we do.

Our diverisy allows you to buy our product in many forms as well, please visit Our Product Line, to see more infomation on what Four Star Chemical can do for you.

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